“Mark’s book is a great testament to the spirit: what tenacity, a positive outlook, and staying the course does for one’s life.  It’s a must-read for one who’s serious about being the best they can be.”
– Bill Rodgers, 4-time Boston Marathon, New York City Marathon Winner


about-MarkBravoMark Bravo is a top Running Ambassador, Author, and National Broadcaster.

His career as a coach started with running and wellness, and now he mentors “athletes” nationwide. Mark’s clients range from recreational runners training for their first 5k to elite athletes preparing for the world’s top marathons and Olympic trials.

Mark has a 40 year career as a TV and radio commentator for running and other sports events. Mark Bravo’s most recent book is Momentum:  77 Observations Toward a Life Well Lived.

A veteran of over 30 marathons and 400 road races, Mark has a personal best of 2:44 in the marathon, 34:30 in the 10K, and ran a 17:00 5K the night he turned 40. After two hip surgeries – the last a total hip replacement May 2007 – Mark returned to running  and 11 months later ran a 43 minute 10K.

Mark doesn’t measure accomplishments by the clock; he believes that athletic excellence is a personal quest that varies for each individual. The journey we take on isn’t always of our choosing; nonetheless, it can be one of amazing growth and unrelenting possibilities.



“I met Mark in August 2011 and right away was impressed with his commitment to my training even though I could only run a 15 minute mile. He not only called me an “athlete” but treated me as such. After working with Mark for 6 months not only can I run 10 minute miles but I’ve lost 25 lbs! Mark is a positive force who will definetly raise your game.”
– Amy, 45+ year old runner


“I’m honored to call Mark my running coach. Five years ago, I was overweight, and running a few kilometers was a struggle. Today, not only have I run 6 marathons with Mark’s guidance, but he showed me what it means to be an ambassador for the sport of running. Coaching from Mark transcends the sport and his expertise will transform you.”
– Joe Jacobi, Olympic Gold Medalist & Performance Strategist



“My first encounter with Mark was about 10 years ago, when he was a 40-something Master’s runner. I was just a local hobby jogger who was good enough to win or place high enough at the local 5Ks. I found myself racing against Mark a few times, so of course I was curious to know who he is. Mark is one of the most positive, gracious, and thoughtful people I’ve ever met! I like to surround myself with people who have a positive energy about themselves… and Mark is one of these people, so it’s always a treat to see him.”
– Camille Herron, 2012 US Olympic Marathon Trials Qualifier